Relic Hunt – The Best Hidden Object Game Ever!

July 16, 2009

The successful Hidden object game “RELIC HUNT”, which has been released a day before by Hill Stone Animation Studio.

Relic Hunt - Best HO GameHSA game studio is a part of AJ Square Incorporation, commenced with the purpose of developing top quality online casual games. A HOG (Hidden Object Game) cum an RPG (Role-Playing Game) for you . Your goal is to discover the relics of some hidden treasures after combating several obstacles. Eventually, the Hero of the game (I.e., YOU) has to solve all the puzzles and riddles in the sub-levels under each stage to get going. The game has an awesomely cool graphical screen which gives you a real-time effect and shows no deadlock while playing. The game is gonna be a real brain-teaser to won.

The game comprises

* Seven stages
* 4 levels per stage + 2 extra puzzles (one at the beginning of the Four Gate Island and another is at the end of that island)
* Dual modes ( Timer mode and Relax mode)
* Total no of levels :30
* Hidden objects , Finding ten items , Puzzle and Silhouettes


Marcus, Hero of this game is the grandson of Melvin, who is a Treasure-Hunter. Markus was a mischief-monger and funny troublesome guy, but one day, an incident revealed his courageousness. It happened when Melvin lost his grandson Marcus in a dense forest during an exploration.. He searched him with his men all around for 2 days, but could not find him anywhere. Melvin thought that his grandson could be killed by some dangerous creatures. But after a long pursuit, Marcus returned home done-facing so many obstacles in his way.

After the death of Melvin, one day Marcus found his Grandpa’s diary in his room. After reading that diary, he came to know that his grandpa was a Treasure Hunter and his riches were kept preserved in the Island of Four Gates. The diary also stated that after the death of Melvin, Marcus has been assigned to conquer his grandpa’s fortune. With a strong will to fulfill his grand father’s dream, Marcus decides to go for the relic hunt. Let’s Hunt!

Play the maverickan treasure hunter Marcus to acquire all the relics & riches in several island. Play several amazing levels with life-like graphical interfaces and different puzzles, brainteasers and more. New gamers, watch this spectacular video to know more about playing Relic hunt!

Relic Hunt got topper on top games listing on and also got top position on weekly games. Its all because of fun and stuff of the games. Gamehouse fans has provided lots of positive reviews to Relic Hunt. Especially puzzles are really awesome to find and play.

I have mentioned sample review about relic hunt,

“Wow! I enjoyed relic hunt game. A fantastic new take on HO game story. All levels are interesting twist on HO Game. I like the graphics and the puzzles are really different and are brain-teasing. I recommend this game for real stuff gamers with messing stuff to use their brain to find things out of everything. On the whole, this is wondrous.”

Game Details of Relic Hunt:

* Over 200 levels of hidden object fun
* Stunning scenes to search
* Original mini-games
* Seven different islands to visit
* Fantastic Full-screen Graphics
* Amazing Sound Tracks

I swear you enjoy it fully and will have complete fun with it. Get Download URL:


AJ Email Marketing Software

July 16, 2009

Top 5 reasons to choose AJ Email Marketer!:

* High E-mail deliverable rate. (Tested)

* Track the email traffic at a single glance using the graphical chart in the dashboard!

* Professionally designed email Templates, completely customizable on-demand.

* Easy setting up & pay less attention for maintenance.

* Blended with progressive features like auto-responders, Scheduled Email queuing & more!.

AJ E mail Marketer-Overview

Now, Make Emails, work for you!

AJ E-Mail marketer is a very simplified at the same time highly business-intelligent, user-friendly email marketing software, where it allows you to create, send , track your bulk emails using creatively-designed templates with numerous campaigning features and mailing options. AJ Email marketer will be the right choice for the marketers, investors, Entrepreneurs, Start-up companies, who is getting ready to engage in the activity of viral Email Marketing and which indeed, provides a powerful email marketing solution with advanced features like high rate of deliverability, business intelligent and robust bounce reporting.

Amazingly, AJ Email Marketing software includes, What most of the marketers are, still searching for!

AJ E-mail Marketer’s Key capabilities:

* Finely Tuned up Email tracking & analytics
* High Rate of Deliverability, Even avoids junk mail filters
* Dynamic Contact management & segmentation modules
* Scheduled Email Queuing
* Automated multiple/Sequential/Back-to-back Auto-Responders
* Professionally Email templates, Fully customizable on-demand
* Split testing Campaigning
* Simple User friendly interface
* and other fully Manageable mailing options
* With extensive product support

AJ Email Marketing, your guaranteed partner to escalate your email marketing business! More Details>>>

AJ Help Desk Software

July 16, 2009

Experience our Persuasive and Trailblazing Help desk

The AJ Help desk software support product is a must-have for any new or existing on line business. Even if the majority of your business is off-line, many people prefer on line product and service support. Customers need their questions answered quickly and personnel need a way to effectively manage their work. Help desk software is an economic , easy-to-use and useful tool for the growth of your business.

It helps customers who can simply submit an inquiry to the appropriate department and expect a timely response. With the use of this product the customer and technical support staff are better able to manage troubleshooting.

Help Desk Script SoftwareTop Reasons to Select AJ Help Desk

* Selection of wide range Knowledge Resources
* Provision of Solution finding Articles
* Knowledge Rich and Advanced Video Tutorials
* Utility of Ticket and Live Chat Support services
* Effective Download choice with PDF Guides
* Professional approach and Quick Remedies for Queries
* Conglomeration of facilities like Forum posting and Community services
* Avail the Innovative Marketing tool of Event & News for Corporate Sectors

AJ Square Inc – Solutions

June 16, 2009

AJ Square Inc - Solutions

AJ Square Inc - Solutions

Nearly a decade’s experience as a solution provider, has increased our capability to serve almost all sectors of businesses. Customers in a wide range of industries use us to reduce their operational costs, simplify integration, development and enable faster-time-to-market of newer services. We have a well-facilitated infrastructure and a great work-force to handle vast development processes covering almost all business segments. Feel the advantage of our comprehensive products, services and build an innovative & competitive enterprise.

We provide solutions to:

* Banking & Micro-finance
* Education
* FInancial Markets (Monetary/Stock/Audits & Accounts)
* Government
* Healthcare
* Insurance
* Media & Entertainment
* Retail
* Schools
* Travel & Transportation
* Whole Sale Distribution

AJ Square Inc – Game Studio

June 16, 2009

The Relic Hunt - Amazing Hidden-object game to play with!

The Relic Hunt - Amazing Hidden-object game to play with!

Game design studio

Our game designing studio is one of the best way to show the salience of AJ square. We stand, well-renowned in the gaming sector with our Hill Stone Animation Studio running our own game site, specially for online casual-gamers.

With a well-facilitated infrastructure and crew of highly-skilled technical professionals, we can easily carry-out even a massive game development project. Now, we mainly focus in production of downloadble online-casual games. Currently we are engaged in developing a variety of time-management games, hidden-object games, puzzlers, multi-player online games and more realistic games in Shockwave platform.We do:

* Game design/development under all genres & platforms
* Game programming/testing/specific level designing
* PC/Mac/Console based game development
* Mobile/JAVA/Flash/Shockwave game development
* 2D/3D/presentation/Simulator animations
* Game customization/Re-engineering
* Simple CGI effects/Morph targeting * And any kind of game/animation related works

We, at AJ Square  endeavor towards the zenith in the field of  game designing with our highly-expertized professionals whom had always pleased our clientèle with their work. We specialize both in Web & Game related development processes and have a large showcase of our work. we stand well-renowned with our quality in service and are maintaining a strong clientele of investors, corporates, entrepreneurs whom have delighted with our studio’s services in fulfilling their gaming needs.

Game in Production:

Our Game development team is a well-structured one with defined essentials, exploring the passion of people interested in games. We posses a strong foundation in the game artistry and strive to bring out the more exciting, brainstorming games, entertaining players to the core. We make use of the basic game design, making the implementation much easier.We launch new exciting games, in such a way that they overcome the inabilities of the launched product and contributing to the further excitement to the players. Our recent works include, THE RELIC HUNT, JOE’S GARDEN & FISH FIESTA. We make use of the basic game design, making the implementation much easier.

Specialties in works

Since, we follow a simplified game designing process with a well-structured agile game development methodology,

we deliver our games with:

* Exciting, Interactive and well-balanced game play.
* Crisp, uncluttered user interfaces.
* Rich 3-D characters and believable plots.
* Clear, thorough, and unambiguous design documents.
* Realistic 3D Low Poly character/object models.


AJ Square Inc – Web Design Studio

June 16, 2009

Web Design studio

Our web design studio professionals has great deal of experience and are very result-oriented in their field of designing. From us you can get not only template web-sites, but also custom websites that pulls visitors to you with attention to the details of your business.

We provide

* State-of-art web designs and contents
* Sites with flexibility and easy-navigable features
* Database web development
* Flash design/Logo/Icon graphic solutions                                 

UX design team

The User experience designing is a complete complex field in which, we sustain by concentrating with the innovative elements regarding user satisfaction and design contribution in various aspects.  Our UX designing team is highly capable of handling the strategies in analyze the user’s experience by

* Interaction fluidity.
* Comprehensiveness of the information
* Comfort in handling the system
* Pleasing interface
* Accuracy of features and information                                       

Design Process

Our AJ Square is globally known through our stunning website. Since, We run a number of websites for our own products, we have a strong crew of web-designers with incredible expertize in the field. We follow the most, sophisticated and at the same time, most standard designing process, to deliver our clients & target audiences, a stunning virtual treat. We concentrate on the four main aspects of a website such as Content, Usability, Appearance & Visibility.

AJ Square Inc

AJ Square Inc

Web Design Services:

We are specialized and aloft in the field of website development and maintenance. We create well-structured websites according to our client’s requirements and taking the responsibility of making it unique among it’s stiff competitors giving a more appealing, friendly and distinctive look to the site.

* Complete structuring and creating a new website.
* Renovating & Redesigning your existing website
* Maintaining or Managing your existing website and more.

As a part of Web designing services, We do:

* Web Banners designing
* Coporate Identity or Logo designing
* Corporate Brochures Designing

Web Banners

A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web. This form of online advertising entails embedding an advertisement into a web page. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking them to the web site of the advertiser. Our Design Team is committed to work on this challenge and always returns with more attractive banners. Three Types of Banners are available and of all standard sizes. Special Offers available for bundles.

* Static Banners
* Animated Banners
* Flash Banners                                                                   

AJ Square Inc – Free Tutorials

June 16, 2009

Free Tutorials

Whether it is articles or tutorials, web site tools or tips in tricks, we aim to bring you only the best. Our articles are up-to-date and deal with current web development trends. As quality is more important than quantity, you will find that though we don’t have a huge resource center, we can guarantee that our articles are of the highest quality. We will continue to add articles here and in future you can expect to see new articles on Web Design, Promotion, DHTML, Flash, ASP, PHP etc. As we will keep adding new articles and resource in this section, this page may be a handy bookmark for you.

Web Design Tutorials

We have a quality collection of articles, tips, guidelines and tutorials on effective web site design. From web design tips & ideas to HTML, CSS Styles, Fireworks and Dreamweaver tutorials, you’ll find all you need to know about current web design trends right here.

Fireworks Tutorials

Macromedia Fireworks is a fantastic graphic design tool. The latest version released by Macromedia – Fireworks MX 2004 is just what you need if you are interested in graphics and web designing. Learn more about fireworks from our tutorial section.

Flash Animation Guide

We hope Our Flash Animation and Flash Actionscript tutorials will help you, especially if you are a beginner to Macromedia Flash.

Flash and ASP Unleased

ASP is very much a front runner in the race for dynamic and database driven web sites. In relation to Flash, ASP can be used as a bridge between the database and the flash interface. For beginners you need to know at least the bare basics of either Flash or ASP. Hopefully we can help you with the rest. Books on ASP and Flash Action Scripting would come in handy if you get stuck.        Read More>>>