Relic Hunt – The Best Hidden Object Game Ever!

The successful Hidden object game “RELIC HUNT”, which has been released a day before by Hill Stone Animation Studio.

Relic Hunt - Best HO GameHSA game studio is a part of AJ Square Incorporation, commenced with the purpose of developing top quality online casual games. A HOG (Hidden Object Game) cum an RPG (Role-Playing Game) for you . Your goal is to discover the relics of some hidden treasures after combating several obstacles. Eventually, the Hero of the game (I.e., YOU) has to solve all the puzzles and riddles in the sub-levels under each stage to get going. The game has an awesomely cool graphical screen which gives you a real-time effect and shows no deadlock while playing. The game is gonna be a real brain-teaser to won.

The game comprises

* Seven stages
* 4 levels per stage + 2 extra puzzles (one at the beginning of the Four Gate Island and another is at the end of that island)
* Dual modes ( Timer mode and Relax mode)
* Total no of levels :30
* Hidden objects , Finding ten items , Puzzle and Silhouettes


Marcus, Hero of this game is the grandson of Melvin, who is a Treasure-Hunter. Markus was a mischief-monger and funny troublesome guy, but one day, an incident revealed his courageousness. It happened when Melvin lost his grandson Marcus in a dense forest during an exploration.. He searched him with his men all around for 2 days, but could not find him anywhere. Melvin thought that his grandson could be killed by some dangerous creatures. But after a long pursuit, Marcus returned home done-facing so many obstacles in his way.

After the death of Melvin, one day Marcus found his Grandpa’s diary in his room. After reading that diary, he came to know that his grandpa was a Treasure Hunter and his riches were kept preserved in the Island of Four Gates. The diary also stated that after the death of Melvin, Marcus has been assigned to conquer his grandpa’s fortune. With a strong will to fulfill his grand father’s dream, Marcus decides to go for the relic hunt. Let’s Hunt!

Play the maverickan treasure hunter Marcus to acquire all the relics & riches in several island. Play several amazing levels with life-like graphical interfaces and different puzzles, brainteasers and more. New gamers, watch this spectacular video to know more about playing Relic hunt!

Relic Hunt got topper on top games listing on and also got top position on weekly games. Its all because of fun and stuff of the games. Gamehouse fans has provided lots of positive reviews to Relic Hunt. Especially puzzles are really awesome to find and play.

I have mentioned sample review about relic hunt,

“Wow! I enjoyed relic hunt game. A fantastic new take on HO game story. All levels are interesting twist on HO Game. I like the graphics and the puzzles are really different and are brain-teasing. I recommend this game for real stuff gamers with messing stuff to use their brain to find things out of everything. On the whole, this is wondrous.”

Game Details of Relic Hunt:

* Over 200 levels of hidden object fun
* Stunning scenes to search
* Original mini-games
* Seven different islands to visit
* Fantastic Full-screen Graphics
* Amazing Sound Tracks

I swear you enjoy it fully and will have complete fun with it. Get Download URL:


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